Vegan Chickpea-Kobacha Stew


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Our coconut milk based chickpea stew makes a delicious meal for both vegans and non vegans.  Made with soaked chickpeas, coconut milk, creamy kobacha, butternut and acorn squashes, braised kale, ginger, lemon, kafir lime, and a hint of curry and cumin powder, this stew is sure to satisfy. Served with a spicy mint-parsley-lime zest and jalapeño sauce to drizzle on top for those who want to kick the spice up a notch.  A grilled slice of Acme sourdough is served on the side (omit if you are gluten-free).

Gluten Free (without bread) /Dairy Free

Ingredients:  chickpeas*, butternut squash*, kobacha squash*, acorn squash*, cumin* curry powder*, ginger*, fennel seeds*, lemongrass*, kafir lime, garlic*, carrots*, onions*, sweet red peppers, celery*, coconut milk*.  Salsa (tomatillos*, jalapeños*, mint*, parsley*, lime zest*, lime juice, sea salt, pepper.)

*Organic Ingredient


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