Frequently Asked Questions

How does FeastPeace organic meal delivery work?

FeastPeace offers delivery from San Mateo through Palo Alto and meal pickup at our restaurant Aly’s on Main at 911 Main Street, Redwood City, TUESDAY,WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY from 12pm-8pm.   We also offer extended meal options and services to local businesses who wish to set up corporate accounts.   If you are interested in setting up an account for your business, please contact us.

Please place your order 24 hours in advance of when you’d like to schedule delivery or pickup.

Most people who order from us order multiple meals for themselves or their family for the week.  We offer free delivery for all orders over $75.00.  For orders under $75.00 we charge $4.95 to deliver.

What is the shelf life on your meals?

Our poultry, beef and pork items will last four days once received. Meals containing seafood will be freshest within three days and salads are best if consumed within two.

Can I ask for modifications to my meals?

We always offer the option for the following modifications:

  1. Vegetarian (Usually you may have an item with no meat or add organic tofu to it. If an item cannot be made vegetarian because it is cooked with chicken or beef stock, we will let you know).
  2. No grains/sub veggie side (we will sub a veggie side of our Chef’s choosing for our Paleo and grain sensitive friends.  We ask that you respect our Chef’s choice of subbed sides and not make specific requests as we are a small operation and many substitute requests can become very complicated quickly.

Items that are dairy free and Gluten Free will be marked on the menu.  Some items that don’t contain cheese or milk are cooked with a mix of grassfed butter and olive oil and so aren’t entirely dairy free and won’t be marked as such.  If you have an allergy to dairy, please order only items that are marked as dairy free.

I have a food allergy to shellfish/peanuts, etc

We take food allergies very seriously here, and request that you inform us of any allergies. We can’t necessarily make modifications to menu items that are cooked in bulk, but we can inform you of what items are safe for you to order.

What farms and products do you use?

We are committed to 100% non GMO and organic food. All of our poultry is organic, our beef and pork are pastured and from Marin Sun Farms. We use only wild and sustainable seafood. We receive our produce from Happy Boy Farms, Capay Organics, Fifth Crow Farms, Swank Farms and Nunez Farms. Our dressings and aiolis are made with 100% extra virgin olive oil and organic pastured eggs from Vital Farms. We do not use any canola, soybean or genetically modified oils in any of our production.